Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mari Belajar

Dari The Malaysia Insider. 19 Nov 2010.

Putrajaya to learn how Singapore plants trees

PUTRAJAYA, Nov 18 — A delegation from Putrajaya will go to Singapore next month in a two-day study trip to see how the island republic plants and maintains its trees said the secretary general of the Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Ministry Datuk Haji Ahmad Phesal Talib today.
This comes as the ministry said it will plant 30,000 trees in the KL region beginning March next year to boost the city’s liveability.

Singapore is widely acknowledged as one of the greenest cities in the world and the tree-lined stretch from the city’s Changi Airport to the central business district is considered one of the most beautiful highways anywhere due to the carefully maintained foliage.

KL used to be known as one of the most pleasant cities in Asia with plenty of tree cover such as banyan trees, rain trees and angsana trees but thoughtless development has since seen a loss of much of the city’s green canopy and parts of the city are now planted with palm type trees giving it a barren desert look.

Nota: Gua cuma ada satu nasihat je untuk dia orang ni.. belajar lah dari Singapura macam mana nak hapuskan rasuah.

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