Monday, May 30, 2011

Antara Sebab Kenapa Saya Suka Malaysia

ketika negara-negara di dunia yang lain sedang sibuk memajukan anak bangsa dan negara mereka, kita di negara 1malaysia sedang sibuk memecahkan rekod bersilat. bersilat itu bukan benda yang tak berfaedah sebenranya. tapi priority tu yang tak kena. lainlah kalau dengan memecahkan rekod bersilat, harga minyak mentah dunia boleh turun, itu baru saya salute.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hail The Champion Part II

tak perlu cerita panjang. tengok gambar je. kalau nak baca cerita, sila baca sini dan sini.

dan ini gambar feveret. walaupun bukan gambar semalam. but it was their team. wakakaka..

Friday, May 27, 2011

Esok Malam..

esok malam. ada final untuk:



dan mengikut ramalan, pemenangnya adalah..


Justin Bibir Got Tattoo.. Eewww..

sebenarnya geli geleman nak buat entry ni. eewww.. tapi sekali sekala sentuh pasal something yang 'taboo' untuk menjadi topik perbualan bagi orang-orang dewasa seperti saya, ok gak kan.

tapi budak ni baru je masuk tingkatan 5 (umur 17 tahun, nak daftar mengundi ngan spr pun tak boleh) dah pandai pasang tattoo. entah dah sunat ke belum..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boleh Tahan Lawak Jugak Si Lampard

petikan dari lampard punya twitter page. kalau diterjemahkan ke bahasa harian orang malaysia bunyinya:

rupanya yang menyulubungi ruang angkasa UK ni bukannya abu gunung berapi, tapi habuk. man city tengah cuci dia punya kabinet nak letak trofi FA cup.


Lakaran Asal TWITTER

tiwtter dicipta oleh Jack Dorsey pada july 2006. tapi, do you have any idea on how its looks like pada awalnya? gambar di bawah adalah lakaran konsep twitter oleh Jack semasa beliau tengah brainstorm untuk wujudkan twitter. dan nama asal (code name) yang diberikan oleh Jack adalah twttr.

source: wikipedia

Monday, May 23, 2011

Detiknya Semakin Hampir

kalau ramalan the malaysian insider ni betul, maka kesannya yang paling pasti ialah peningkatan kadar jualan motosikal dan jugak basikal (tak termasuk fixie) di malaysia. tapi satu je impian gua yang rasanya hampir mustahil untuk tercapai, iaitu nak tengok pak menteri naik motor pegi kerja. ada mana2 menteri nak tunaikan impian gua ni?

Berhati Hati Bila Driving Di PLUS Highway

dapat info ni dari seorang sahabat. boleh ambil iktibar.

BE CAREFUL WHEN TRAVELING ON HIGHWAY (especially for those who travels a lot with north-south highway).

This is a true event! It happened to my friend, Alvin.   Alvin came all the way from JB to Selayang, KL, on a business trip. At about 12:30am, 29/4/2011, his Toyota was over-heated, he then parked at the emergency lane (KM269.9) before Seremban exit, North-South Highway . Planning to let the engine cool down, add water to the water tank and slowly drive to KL, he took his rest for a while...    

A while later, a tow truck arrived to offer a helping hand. The driver is an Indian wearing a Chinese workshop jacket, estimated the towing fees and rough costing to repair the over-heating engine for about less than RM200. Both agreed, the car was towed to a workshop in Mambau, Seremban.

Yup, it's GS Automobil Enterprise !!! Operated by a bunch of Indian. (I don't mean that all Indians are like them, I have lots of good Indian friends too.) There, the workshop boss quoted Alvin for about RM300 plus. Then he asked his workers to start dismantling the engine to inspect the gasket. He then told Alvin to come back the next day to get the car. Without any choice, Alvin left the workshop to look for a hotel nearby...    

The next day, Alvin went back there to see the progress... there he waited, waited waited... started to worry, at that moment, there was a mid-age Chinese guy with his family seemed waiting for there car too. They started to find out that things are not right and the later went to the police station nearby to make a police report and came back to claim the car. He was charged RM2,800.00 for also a simple engine over-heating problem! And Alvin 's bill is RM3,939 !!!    

After everything was settled, he left Seremban heading back to KL...   Half way through, he had to stop at the emergency lane again because the engine was HOT again!!! Slowly he moved, stopped to cool it down, drove another few km... and so on until he reached KL. Here, the mechanic did a complete check to find out that the engine was completely doomed because "someone" purposely did something to the engine to kill it after sometime... OMG. That is so evil!!!    

After digging through some blogs, it seems this workshop is actually very famous! There were many many cases with this GS Automobil Enterprise!!! What??? Is there any police in that area? Are they blind? Deaf? or dead? ... or they are some sort of "partners"??? You be the judges.    

FYI, GS Automobil Enterprise is located at:   No. 4, Jalan Helang 1 Taman Industri Ringgan Mambau 70300 Seremban H/P : 012-264 1993 / 010-244 1701 / 016-9960 396    

Alvin made a police report and he went to the Hal Ehwa Pengguna Malaysia to further complain and hopefully they will take action towards these bunch of devils.   Whatever the outcome may be, the moral of this event is DON'T TRUST ANYBODY EXCEPT THE HIGHWAY AUTHORIZED TOW TRUCK DRIVER TO TOW YOUR VEHICLE IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU ON THE HIGHWAY!!! PLEASE SHARE THIS TO ALL THAT YOU KNOW. 

Di Singapore Gaji Menteri Dipotong. Di Malaysia Subsidi Di Potong.

dah potong? bila lagi nak potong?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Naik Dan Terus Naik

"ya Tuhanku, Kau selamatkanlah seluruh rakyat malaysia dari bala bencan ini. amin."

Menatang Apa 'Fixie' Ni?

1st time dengar perkataan 'fixie' ni, terus garu kepala botak gua yg tak gatal. menatang apa ni? bunyi macam brand 'pad' orang pompuan dari jepun je. lepas belek2 kat internet, oooo.. menatang ni rupanya.

sekarang ni dekat kl, bebudak dah tak merempit dengan motor. diaorang merempit dengan fixie. merempit dengan motor dah tak cool. merempit dengan fixie baru cool. fixie ni sejenis basikal yang di modified menggunakan racing frem yg lebih ringan. gear belakangya di 'fix'kan, terus dapat nama fixie. hendal basikal ni mesti kasi rendah sikit, supaya postur badan masa riding nampak cam belentino rosi. bebudak yg naik basikal ni pun diorang dressing semacam je. kebanyakannya mesti ada beg sandang, seluar dan baju mesti mesti yang fit dengan kasut snikers, pakai spek frem tebal. stylo la konon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Air Asia Pindah Ke Indonesia

KUALA LUMPUR, May 19 — Malaysia’s most-recognised brand, AirAsia, will move its regional headquarters to Jakarta this year as the low-cost carrier is eyeing a major slice of the vast Indonesian market, where some 230 million people stay in 17,000 islands — nearly 10 times the population here. 

The Malaysian Insider understands the relocation will not have an impact on operations here but is seen as a blow to Malaysia’s aim of being a regional aviation hub. The Najib administration had already agreed to build a new low-cost carrier terminal for AirAsia by April 2012.

“AirAsia is moving its regional headquarters to Jakarta this year. Communications chief NV Raman is already there to set up the office,” a source told The Malaysian Insider. 

AirAsia officials confirmed the move, saying key staff were told about the latest development in internal briefings that began this month.

nota: aik, kampeni malaysia sendiri pun dah nak cabut pegi luar?

Monday, May 16, 2011


Minyakku Minyakmu Jua

dafi punya daddy dah bagi warning dah..

tapi bila daddy kata harga minyak akan terus naik, fakta kat bawah tunjuk sebaliknya..

ahh.. fenin.. fenin..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hail The Champion

only to the blue half of manchester. the red half, go to hell. wakakaka..

Kisah Jersi

siang tadi bawak famili pi makan pizza hut kat tesco ampang. gua pakai baju TRW.
masuk je dalam tesco, ada mamat pakai baju ada tulis nama bank stended chated  jeling dekat gua.
pas tu, ada lagi sorang mamat pakai baju jenama peti sejuk korea jeling dekat gua.

dalam hati, gua cakap..
"sori bro, baju gua takde jual dekat al-ikhsan."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ini Baru Betul 'Kite Bakorr'..

'kite bakor' ni berlaku semasa game ns vs kel malam tadi. kuat betul pengaruh usop wilcha ni..

Salam Terakhir Seorang Blogger

TORONTO: A Canadian man who blogged about his battle with colorectal cancer left a final post before he died - a message that drew millions of hits.

A day after Derek Miller, 41, died in Burnaby, British Columbia, of complications from cancer, a message entitled "The Last Post" was posted on his site

"Here it is. I'm dead, and this is my last post to my blog. In advance, I asked that once my body finally shut down from the punishments of my cancer, then my family and friends publish this prepared message I wrote the first part of the process of turning this from an active website to an archive," read the post.

Miller, who been blogging for 10 years, had been one of the best known bloggers in British Columbia. He was diagnosed with stage four metastatic colorectal cancer in 2007.

Miller wore many hats in his lifetime. He had a marine biologist degree, but had worked as a writer and editor since the 1980s. He was also a musician and photographer.

In his blog's bio section, he wrote that he discovered his cancer was terminal late in 2010 and that he expected it to kill him sometime in 2011 or early 2012.

The father of two tween girls blogged about everything from getting his voice back to sipping cherry cola at 3am in his hospital bed to his realisation that death is impending. - AP

Monday, May 9, 2011

Rilek.. Jangan Mengamuk Harga Gula Naik

situasi agak panas sekarang. rasanya sudah berbakul-bakul sumpah seranah dilemparkan kepada kerajaan kerana menaikkan harga gula. macam-macam kutukan dan jugak sindiran dah keluar dekat facebook. al maklumlah, rakyat malaysia ni memang sensitif kalau bab makan dan bahan membuat makanan.

entri ni bukan ditulis untuk memarakkan lagi api kemarahan  yang terbakar. tapi untuk mengajak semua rakyat malaysia berpikir secara rasional. kalau di ikutkan kronologi kes, baru-baru ni kerajaan dah cuba limitkan penjualan nasik lemak di kantin sekolah. dan sekarang kerajaan menaikkan harga gula. boleh dikatakan, sebenarnya kerajaan prihatin dengan kandungan gula dalam darah kita, rakyat malaysia. tak caya? sehari dua lagi akan keluar dalam suratkabar dan jugak tv, para menteri akan beri nasihat tentang kemudaratan penggunaan gula yang berlebihan. mereka akan menyarankan supaya kita kurangkan penggunaan gula. 1 SUDU SAHAJA SUDAH CUKUP, kata mereka.

dan yang pasti, kerajaan tidak mahu kanak-kanak di malaysia menjadi sedemikian rupa