Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kasut Buut

Men's Rain Boots

Worth It
The Bogs Ultra High ($103) have a standard rubber base, but their upper section is made with Neoprene, the same material used in wet suits, which the company says increases warmth, flexibility and ventilation. The 15-inch-tall boots are a manageable 3.4 pounds, with handles that make for easy on and off. And the Bogs aren’t just for April showers; they can handle subzero winter temperatures, too.

Not Worth It
The all-rubber Hunter Original Tall ($125) rain boot comes in stylish colors like green and graphite. But the boots lack insulation and can end up with white marks from the wax used in the manufacturing process. The company says some customers like the look of the marks and notes that it sells a line of socks for extra warmth.

Tu dia aihhh. Kasut but hak Pak Mat pakai pergi menoreh getah pun boleh sampai ratusan doller. Kalau diwajibkan semua penoreh hanya memakai but ni time pergi menoreh, alamatnya semua tayar kereta buat ngan plastik la. Pak Mat boikot, tak nak pergi menoreh.

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