Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Air Asia Pindah Ke Indonesia

KUALA LUMPUR, May 19 — Malaysia’s most-recognised brand, AirAsia, will move its regional headquarters to Jakarta this year as the low-cost carrier is eyeing a major slice of the vast Indonesian market, where some 230 million people stay in 17,000 islands — nearly 10 times the population here. 

The Malaysian Insider understands the relocation will not have an impact on operations here but is seen as a blow to Malaysia’s aim of being a regional aviation hub. The Najib administration had already agreed to build a new low-cost carrier terminal for AirAsia by April 2012.

“AirAsia is moving its regional headquarters to Jakarta this year. Communications chief NV Raman is already there to set up the office,” a source told The Malaysian Insider. 

AirAsia officials confirmed the move, saying key staff were told about the latest development in internal briefings that began this month.

nota: aik, kampeni malaysia sendiri pun dah nak cabut pegi luar?


  1. cost cutting strategic planning tu. business decision bukan ikut negara asal sahaja. semua mau untung max

  2. yg kelakarnya tony baru je berjaya pujuk najib suruh buat lcct khas utk air asia.


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